Unicode Technology is an installation and service company with 7 years of experience in the design, engineering, assembly and maintenance of security automation sector. These systems include CCTV,IP camera and Access Control. We are a team of dedicated professionals who can install and system from the very basic to the most complex. We’ve been always strong in resources for ongoing implementation of the latest electronic technologies.
The strength of our company is based on our talented and dedicated staffs who continuously demonstrate their commitment in providing a professional and reliable service every day.

Quality and competitiveness are words that have become synonymous with Unicode Technology. We’ve earned the trust of our customers through integrity, reliability and superior performance. We have challenged ourselves to be the link to 100% customer satisfaction.

Our customer base includes commercial and residential buildings, government facilities, distribution centers, industrial complexes, schools, restaurants, banks, hotels and retail stores… virtually any type of office or building space.

Our customers are the reason we exist, yet our employees are the reason we succeed… and while our systems may seem complex our philosophy is simple:

“Excellent Service at Fair Price Equals a Satisfied Customer.”


Our Solutions


 IP Security Camera

 Time & Attendance

 Access Control

 Cell Phone Accessories

 Fire Safety System



We also believe that four major parts (TEAMWORK, TRAINING, and TECHNOLOGY & TRANPARENCY) is the key of any business.

We think information & training is the necessary part of the organization and business trade. So we never compromise about this subject.
Our marketing team is highly educated to their profession.
The manager of our company is highly responsible persons for market growth.
Our organization is truly responsible for quality control and service.
Technical person test all the product and implementation the good product to their valuable client.

At present we are marketing of following world famous company for the Bangladesh territory:

1 HUNDURE Technology Co. of Taiwan for their Time & Attendance and Access Control Equipment.
2 ZK Software Products from China for All Type of Access Control Solutions.
3 IDTECK Co. of Korea for their vast and economical range of Bio-Metric Access Control Equipment.
4 Honeywell Instruments Inc. of USA for their wide range of retail & industrial Barcode Scanners.
5 ZEBRA of USA for their wide range of retail & industrial all types of Automation printer and label/sticker.
6 Symbol Technology of USA for all types of scanners and Mobile Computers.
7 AVTECH of Taiwan for all types of CCTV Solutions.
8 YHDO of China for all types of CCTV Solutions.
9 Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
10. Dahua Technology Co., Ltd